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In Brookhaven, Georgia, hiring a licensed electrician is critical for safe and effective electrical solutions. Their expertise ensures compliance with local codes and regulations, providing peace of mind for residential and commercial projects alike. Trusting a licensed electrician in Brookhaven guarantees quality workmanship and dependable service for all your electrical needs.

Did you know that faulty wiring causes over 50% of residential fires in the US? Safety and expertise are paramount. That’s where Mr. Dee’s Electric Service, your licensed electrician in Brookhaven, GA, comes in. With a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, Mr. Dee’s is your go-to for all electrical needs. Whether it’s installations, repairs, or upgrades, trust the professionals at Mr. Dee’s to handle it all efficiently and safely.

Mr Dee’s Expertise

Licensed Services

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service offers a wide range of licensed electrical services to ensure safety and quality. All services are performed by certified professionals, guaranteeing expertise and reliability. The team is committed to maintaining up-to-date licenses and certifications for ongoing professional development.

Professional Team

Experience Highlight

The team at Mr. Dee’s Electric Service boasts extensive experience in the electrical industry, showcasing successful completion of numerous projects over the years. Their hands-on experience in various electrical systems demonstrates their proficiency and competence in handling diverse challenges.

Skillset Overview

The team possesses a diverse skill set, excelling in both residential and commercial electrical work with precision and expertise. They specialize in troubleshooting complex electrical issues, providing effective solutions promptly to ensure optimal functioning of electrical systems.

Operating Hours

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service operates with flexibility to cater to customer needs conveniently. Their availability for emergency electrical services ensures round-the-clock assistance when urgent situations arise. Customers can rely on prompt responses during operational hours for any electrical concerns.

Our Team’s Proficiency

Meet the Electricians


  • Certifications: Mr. Dee’s electricians hold licensed qualifications from recognized institutions.

  • Affiliations: They are affiliated with reputable industry associations, ensuring top-notch service delivery.

  • Awards: The team has garnered accolades for their exceptional workmanship and dedication.


  • Areas of Expertise: From residential to commercial projects, they excel in various electrical domains.

  • Unique Projects: Their expertise extends to handling complex and unique electrical installations seamlessly.

  • Niche Services: Mr. Dee’s offers specialized services like smart home system installations for modern needs.

Team Dynamics

The electricians at Mr. Dee’s thrive on a collaborative approach, where each member contributes their skills effectively. Clear communication among team members ensures smooth project execution. This synergy results in successful outcomes, exceeding client expectations consistently.

Service Portfolio

Electrical Installations

Electrical installations at Mr. Dee’s Electric Service begin with a thorough assessment of the property’s needs. Skilled electricians then plan and execute the installation process efficiently, ensuring safety throughout. The types of installations offered include lighting fixtures, wiring upgrades, and appliance connections.

Using only top-quality materials and equipment, the team guarantees longevity and optimal performance for all installations. By adhering to industry standards, clients can trust in the durability and reliability of their electrical systems.

Efficient Repairs

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service prides itself on rapid response times to customer requests. Upon receiving a repair call, the team promptly conducts a diagnostic assessment to pinpoint any electrical issues accurately.

With years of experience under their belt, the technicians swiftly address repairs with precision and expertise. Clients benefit from efficient solutions that restore their electrical systems to full functionality without delay.

Comprehensive Solutions

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet diverse electrical needs effectively. From minor fixes to major overhauls, the team caters to every requirement with personalized attention and care.

Project Showcase

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service presents a photo gallery showcasing a variety of completed electrical projects. The gallery features images that highlight the diverse range of services provided by the licensed electrician in Brookhaven, GA. Customers can view before-and-after photos to witness the transformation and quality of workmanship.

The visual representations in the photo gallery serve as testimonials to Mr. Dee’s Electric Service’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Clients can see firsthand the attention to detail and precision that goes into each project, reinforcing trust in the team’s capabilities.

Video Highlights

Engaging videos produced by Mr. Dee’s Electric Service offer an immersive experience for viewers, showcasing the team’s expertise and dedication to their craft. These videos not only demonstrate completed projects but also feature testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from the exceptional service provided.

Through video tutorials, viewers gain insights into various electrical services offered by Mr. Dee’s Electric Service, empowering them with knowledge about maintenance, repairs, and installations. The videos not only educate but also build credibility for the team, establishing them as trusted experts in their field.

Client Convenience

Location Benefits

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service, located in Brookhaven, GA, offers convenient services to clients residing in the 303319, 303324, 303329,30341 digit zip codes. The company’s strategic location ensures swift service delivery to customers within the vicinity. Being close to key areas allows for prompt responses to electrical emergencies.

The team at Mr. Dee’s is well-versed with local electrical regulations, ensuring compliance and safety for all projects undertaken. This familiarity streamlines processes and guarantees that all work meets the required standards without delays or issues.

Additional Amenities

In addition to standard electrical services, Mr. Dee’s Electric Service provides clients with a range of additional amenities for their convenience. Clients can benefit from warranties and guarantees on all completed work, offering them peace of mind regarding the quality and longevity of the services provided.

Moreover, the company often runs discounts and promotions, allowing clients to save money while still receiving top-notch electrical solutions. These special offers make Mr. Dee’s Electric Service not only reliable but also cost-effective for its valued customers.

Reliability and Efficiency

Trusted Professionals

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service prides itself on being trusted professionals in Brookhaven, GA. With a team of licensed electricians, they ensure top-notch service quality. Clients rave about their reliability and expertise, highlighting the seamless experience they provide.

Customers consistently leave positive reviews and testimonials for Mr. Dee’s Electric Service, emphasizing their commitment to excellence. The team’s dedication to building lasting relationships with clients sets them apart in the industry. Their transparent communication and reliable work ethic instill trust among customers.

Client Satisfaction

At Mr. Dee’s Electric Service, client satisfaction is paramount in every interaction. They go above and beyond to meet customer needs promptly and efficiently. By actively seeking feedback from clients, they continuously improve their services to exceed expectations.

The company boasts a high rate of returning customers and referrals due to their exceptional service delivery model. With a focus on personalized attention and tailored solutions, clients feel valued and understood at every step of the process.

Community Engagement

Answers and Support

Respond promptly to customer inquiries to ensure their needs are met efficiently and effectively. Provide clear communication channels for clients to reach out with questions or concerns. Offer continuous support for any electrical issues that may arise, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Building Trust

Focus on maintaining transparency in all business dealings, fostering an environment of honesty and openness. Emphasize the importance of integrity in every aspect of operations, from service delivery to client interactions. Build trust by consistently delivering high-quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Why Choose Us

Range of Services

Mr. Dee’s Electric Service offers an extensive range of electrical services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. They specialize in tailoring services to meet specific client needs, ensuring customer satisfaction. From simple fixes to complex projects, they can handle tasks of varying scales effortlessly.

Commitment to Excellence

The company is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, prioritizing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. They continuously strive for improvement through training and staying updated on industry standards. With a proven track record of excellence, Mr. Dee’s Electric Service excels in all aspects of electrical work.


In a nutshell, Mr. Dee’s Electric Service in Brookhaven, GA, is your go-to licensed electrician for top-notch expertise, a proficient team, a diverse service portfolio, impressive project showcases, client convenience, reliability, efficiency, and strong community engagement. With us, you get it all under one roof. So why choose us? Because we deliver quality with a smile and a commitment to excellence that’s hard to beat.

Ready to experience electrical services that exceed your expectations? Contact Mr. Dee’s Electric Service today for all your electrical needs! Remember, when you choose us, you’re not just choosing an electrician; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr Dee’s Electric Service licensed to operate in Brookhaven, GA?

Yes, Mr Dee’s Electric Service is a fully licensed electrician operating in Brookhaven, GA. We adhere to all local regulations and standards to provide safe and reliable electrical services.

What sets Mr Dee’s Expertise apart from other electricians in Brookhaven, GA?

Mr Dee’s Electric Service stands out for our extensive experience and specialized knowledge in the field. Our team of experts undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

How does Mr Dee’s Electric Service ensure reliability and efficiency in their work?

We prioritize reliability by employing skilled professionals who deliver efficient electrical solutions. From initial consultation to project completion, we focus on providing high-quality service that meets our clients’ needs effectively.

Can clients expect personalized attention and convenience when working with Mr Dee’s Electric Service?

Absolutely! Client convenience is at the core of our service approach. We offer personalized solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Does Mr Dee’s Electric Service engage with the community in Brookhaven, GA?

Community engagement is essential to us at Mr Dee’s Electric Service. We actively participate in local initiatives and support causes that benefit the residents of Brookhaven, fostering strong relationships within the community.