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For reliable Atlanta electrical services, Mr. Dee’s Electrical Service is a trusted option. We cater to homeowners, businesses, and construction professionals, delivering top-notch solutions to meet your specific electrical needs. Our team of skilled electricians is committed to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Atlanta Electrical Services Offered

Whole House Rewire Service

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system with our whole-house rewire service. Our job is to bring your electrical system up to today’s code and safety standards, protecting your family and property for the future!

Service Panel Upgrades

Upgrade your electrical service to meet the demands of modern living. We provide panel upgrades, additional circuits, and safety enhancements.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Install Service

Embrace electric mobility with confidence. Our EV install service provides convenient and reliable charging solutions for your electric vehicles.

Residential Services

Illuminate and power your home with brilliance. Our residential services cover interior and exterior lighting installs, fan installations, service calls, and many more…

New Construction Electrical Services

Empower your construction projects with our expert electrical services. We collaborate with General Contractors and home builders to deliver seamless electrical solutions for new constructions.

Commercial Services

Elevate your business with our comprehensive commercial electrical services. From installations to energy-efficient solutions, we’re here to support your commercial ventures.

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No matter your electrical needs, Mr Dee’s Electric Service is your go-to partner for reliable and professional solutions. Explore our specialized electrical services and discover how we can enhance your home, business, or construction projects. Contact us now at 770-500-4469 or email us at kim@mrdeeselectric.com Experience excellence in electrical services! Trust Mr Dee’s Electric Servicefor all your electrical requirements.


Q: What sets Mr Dee’s Electric Service apart from other electrical service providers?

A: Mr Dee’s Electric Service distinguishes itself through its commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction. With a team of skilled electricians, we offer a wide range of expert electrical services tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners, businesses, and construction professionals.

Q: How does Mr Dee’s Electric Service ensure the safety of its electrical services?

A: Safety is our top priority at Mr Dee’s Electric Service. We adhere strictly to today’s electrical codes and safety standards, ensuring the utmost protection for our clients, their families, and properties. Our whole-house rewire service, for example, is designed to bring electrical systems up to the latest safety requirements, guaranteeing peace of mind for our customers.

Q: Can Mr Dee’s Electric Service handle both residential and commercial electrical projects?

A: Yes, Mr Dee’s Electric Service is equipped to handle both residential and commercial electrical projects. Whether you need interior and exterior lighting installs for your home or comprehensive electrical solutions for your business, we have the expertise and resources to deliver top-notch results.